Online Shopping Stores in UAE Offer fabulous products at unbelievably low prices

Smart shoppers always look out for ways to get reduced rates. Regular retail stores give reductions only during particular times of the year and the discounts are nominal. If you want to buy high quality products are slashed rates, the best place to shop is online stores. There are many online shopping sites in the UAE that offer products form the best brands in the industry but at incredibly low rates. Shopping in such online stores gives value for shopping sites in uae

Why shop in online stores?

They have a diverse product range, so you can be sure of finding what you want. If you have been searching for a particular model or a product with certain features, these stores are the best place to get them. Shopping here is exciting as you can compare product features, before making a purchase.Online shopping uaeMost products have a discount offer, so you save a lot while spending. During end of season sales, clearance sales or holiday season sales, prices are cut to almost half, enabling you save enormously. If you have a big family, shopping here is far better than a local store because of low rates and savings. Products are available for men, women and kids. They are also available according to age group such as kids, teens, middle age and so on.

Benefits of shopping from online stores UAE:

New products arrive in the store every week, so there is always something fresh and interesting available. When you shop here, you do not have to worry about style. Only the latest and most attractive styles are offered, so be it handbags, fashion accessories, watches or home decor, what you get is the latest and most attractive product models.

Online shopping in uaeThere is a ‘specials’ section which offers exclusive items not found anywhere else. Whether it is for yourself or gifting purposes, these stores offer variety like nowhere else. They have high quality branded products with fabulous deals and discounts thrown on them, giving you an enriching shopping experience.

shopping stores in uae

Online shopping stores UAE offer products ranging from fashion to electronics. This saves time and efforts in searching for products you want. There is no need to go to different stores, check out items and make a purchase. Shopping takes less time and is very enjoyable. You can shop from the comfort of your home whenever you want.

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The art of buying Michael Kors handbag from an online store

The online shoppers today are now supposed to be savvy especially when they encounter shaky kind of financial conditions, job market and the steady high rise in living cost. Having said that, it difficult to enjoy life with limited amount of luxuries. This is the reason why the idea of online shopping is gearing up. Whether you are buying the Michael Kors handbag and purses or some other stuff online, you are supposed to keep in mind certain tips and basic guidelines before you buy Michael Kors handbag in UAE online.
Michael Kors handbag

Find reputed online store

When you plan to buy Michael Kors leather handbag online, the very first thing you need to do is to find out a reputed online store. Check out reviews and feedback on what people say about different online stores.  The positive reviews are as important to the negative ones; make sure you understand the planted reviews, as these are simple to found out. Check the reviews on social media sites and forums rather than the typical feedback or reviews sites. Also, check other elements like the credit card protection, in case if you want to avoid this issue all together, you can choose the third party payment options like PayPal or COD (cash on delivery).  This is the basic tip to consider when you are buying bags from Michael Kors UAE online.

Michael Kors handbag


Once you find out a list of top shopping portals to buy Michael Kors handbag, make sure you compare them on various parameters. It is always recommended to avoid buying the latest Michael Kors handbag 2014 or the older ones from the first and only web store you end up finding. Compare these online stores in terms of prices, among the number of online retailers and then carry out certain additional research for elements like client ratings, feedback, reviews and at the same time you can even think of carrying the online search for the store as well. While researching make sure you count on certain elements including the return policies, product quality, satisfaction, product quality and the amount of time duration the business has been in the market.

Michael Kors handbag

Check the quality

When it comes to online shopping Michael Kors handbag in Dubai or some other city based online stores, the very next thing you need to assure is the quality of the bags you choose. Well, there are numerous ways to contemplate the fabrics, colours, styles, prints and similar other things while getting the Michael Kors leather handbag online. Consider elements like the trends, seasons and even your wardrobe collection in order to get a handbag, which you would regret later to place the order.  The women are supposed to have an everyday purse along with an evening bag for special occasions or even for night outs as well.

buy Michael Kors handbag Dubai online

Wrapping up

Cracking the Michael Kors bags sale Dubai online is not often a hard task. Though at times you may find difficult to buy Michael Kors handbag Dubai online owing to the presence of so many online store, yet it becomes simple as you explore the ways of buying the right way. The above tips and ideas about online buying of purses and handbags can make things better for you.

Get to know about some of the Best watch brands in Dubai, UAE

In order to look good it is highly necessary that one accessorizes the right way. One such ‘statement’ accessory that has never faded out of fashion is ‘watches’. With the increasing modernization and transformation brand consciousness has almost struck every person around the world. With the increasing demand for branded drinks to clothes, it is quite unlikely that this ‘brand’ clamor will ever stop. Recently, watches have entered this brand hullabaloo and noted manufacturers around the world have started making some unique time pieces. Well, if you are in search of best watch brands in UAE, here is a list of what you accurately need.

Best watch brands in Dubai

Set a style statement with the luxurious brands

Ever since its inception in 1946, Casio was and remains to be a revolution in the world of time pieces. Soon after Casio launched their compact calculator and finger ring, the company introduced its very first watch in 1978. Every watch enthusiast has ever always has had a fascination for this particular company. Its exceptionally stylish looks and technologically advanced features certainly make it the best watch brand in the world.

Another similar brand that has captured the minds of every watch enthusiast and has been awarded as the best watch brand 2014 is the Edifice watches. The remarkable precision, style and technologically advanced features of its Infiniti Red Bull limited edition provides a world class experience to all its owners.

best watch brands for women

If you are in search of buy best watch brands for men in UAE, then undoubtedly opt for the Alpina’s. These retro watches by the Heritage Pilot Chronograph offers a mind boggling, military style dial with telemeter markings on it. The snail track range has to offer special steel cases or gold plated limited edition watches with a personal choice of silver or black dials. Its superior technology certainly makes it one of the best watch brands UAE.

One of the costliest time pieces available in today’s date has to be the Audemars Piguet. Royal Oak introduced this limited edition after 40 years of their successful business, in 2012. The company has also decided to soon launch its costliest edition which is to be priced somewhat around 534,560 Euros per piece. Yet another edition launched by the Royal Oak Offshore is the Diver. Counted amongst the best online watches in Saudi Arabia, this limited edition watch provides a real underwater kit, which offers 300 m water resistance, 42 m ceramic case, rubber strap and rotating bezel. You can avail many designs through watches online shopping Saudi Arabia.

best watch brands online

Undoubtedly, noted as being best watch brands Dubai is Saxonia Annual calendar priced to be 39,800 Euros. It is considered exclusive not only for its marvelous technology but also for the fact that the moon phase will remain precisely intact for 122 years. Its dial provides a clear view of week, date, day and month, and also has a 476 part yearly calendar mechanism which requires adjustments at the alteration from February to March.

The brands mentioned have been recognized by several countries of the world as being best watch brands. Investing in a special time piece will remain to be a treasure of a lifetime. So what are you waiting foe, go ahead and buy the one that suits your needs.

best branded watch

Set the style meter on fire

Be it the men or the women, everyone these days want to score high on the style-o-meter and when it comes to accessories you cannot give watches a miss. With a wide range of watches available you can buy best watch brands for men as well as women. With an amazing array of designs you are sure to set the style temperature soaring.

Why Victoria’s Secret Products are so popular?

The Victoria’s Secret products are no more an unknown product in the market. For those who do not know about this brand, it is one of the biggest American retailers of lingerie. This brand was founded by the man called Roy Raymond in the year 1977. Apart from the lingerie, you can find a number of other products women’s wear, beauty products and perfume by Victoria’s Secret. It is a multi-billion dollar company, which is more known to sell out a wide range of lingerie for women coming out from different walks of life. The popularity of this brand among the women is huge, which is not just restricted to its origin country – the US, but has sprawled all over the world including the Middle East and other countries in the East.Victoria's Secret onlinePerfect experience

As you, enter in the store of this brand, the environment you find in these stores are very much different from the other stores. The lights here are dim, vibrant and found in different colors, while the music is upbeat, which all together evoke the self-confidence of the people walking inside the store. Thus, the women who have entered inside the stores soon find themselves manoeuvrings via the entire store. Perhaps, this experience you may miss while buying products from Victoria’s Secret online, though it is backed with a number of benefits. The tables placed inside the store are strategically arranged in certain locations and angles, which make sure that you do not miss out anything inside the store. Above all the quality and technology, which it encompasses simply puts a big impact on people and thus turning them a big fan of this brand, be it for the Victoria’s Secret perfumes or any other beauty products.


One of the vital elements that makes this brand different from others is the way it is marketed; in fact, it is the backbone of this company, which has roped in thousands and millions of clients for a longer run. If you look at the way their products are packaged, you would be convinced about their creativity and unique thinking they have towards packaging. All the Victoria Secret’s perfumes and beauty products found in bottles are aesthetically and securely packaged. Even the shopping bags you get once you buy any product from the company store; you would be impressed by the bags with the pink paper and bows. Apart from all these superficial elements, which are found with luxury, the company leaves no stone unturned to keep to make a number of products including the perfume fragrance Victoria secret and other stuff sellable and appealing.

Victoria Secret’s fragrance Endorsements

You can even find the top-notch supermodels and celebrities from the glamor world endorsing the products and thus promoting the products in the most lucrative way. The models chosen for the ads of these products are simply sensual and appealing to the customers’ thus provoking people to get these products without any delay or hesitation. Thus the products of Victoria’s Secret Dubai, are power packed by blazing marketing strategies backed by powerful products, which last long and suffice all the purposes of the customers with ease and comfort. So, next time when you are keen to buy Victoria’s Secret perfumes in UAE or some other products from this brand, you would feel proud to get the same.

What’s so especial about Prada Women Bags

If you have the sense of bags, you would often love to buy Prada Bags. For those who do not have the idea of Prada bags, you would get to know why this brand is considered to be the biggest bet to crack. Well, how about exploring some of its history, Prada is an Italian brand, which was founded by Mario Prada. This man always had the dreams to convert the leather into gorgeous fashion accessories.
PRADA BAGSThe fact is when he embarked with initial designs; they appeared too heavy as they were made up of walrus skin. However, soon he was seen refining his products, which turn lighter and thus made the bags water proof. For long, this brand remained the household name in Italy, however, soon it turned popular slowly and steadily in Europe and then in the entire world. Hence, you can now see buying Prada Bags Online and offline. Well, let’s check why these bags are so special for everyone! Read ahead to find out!
Prada Women Bags

 Quality and elegance

These bags are a perfect blend of high quality and elegance as these are designed creatively and accomplish the job the best. These bags can remain both your everyday companion for not just few weeks or months but for years to come staying gorgeous till it lasts. The Prada bags are meant to last long even while handled badly during the flight travel. Thus for both quality and elegance people love to buy Prada Bags Online or over the brick and mortar stores.prada bags onlineIf you are really keen to understand the quality of any bag just check the way it is stitched. The Prada bags are made with hands with special thread, which are known for its durability. In Prada bags you have ripped linings and burst seams. Thus, people have another big reason to buy Prada Bags in Dubai or anywhere in the world.

Modern trends

In terms of style, the Prada bags are designed with the help of experts who put together loads of creativity and thought into them considering the modern trends, quality or durability. Thus you have another reason to buy Prada Bags in UAE or some other place. The fact is Prada never turns obsolete; you can use your ten years old bags even today with all your confidence and same fervour. You will not find other bags with such extended life. This because these bags are not just meant for passing the fashion whims but to give women a quality service.Prada Bags in UAEYou can find Prada bags for all the occasions, which makes it a one stop shop for women. The moment you enter any Prada bags UAE online or brick and mortar store, you can find bags of different taste, zest, color, purposes, style and pattern. Right from the daily use to travel bag, you have all the varieties clubbed together fitting into all your requirements.

These bags are made with high quality materials, which is nothing but the grade leather. Every thread used to stitch the bags are not common industrial kind of thread but made up of higher and specialized quality, which together help in keeping the bags intact for longer run. So, if you are keen of getting these bags, make sure you visit any reliable shopping portal and crack one of the best Prada Bags sale Dubai deals online.

Also, visit this video to know about different styles of Prada bags:

مايكل كورس

مايكل كورس – قصة نجاح فريدة من نوعها

مايكل كورس – إسم قوي في عالم الأزياء والموضة

مايكل كورس هو إسم لإحدى أشهر العلامات التجارية في عالم الأزياء والموضة، وتعرفه كل السيدات العاشقات للأناقة والجمال. مايكل كورس هو أيضاً إسم كبير في صناعة منتجات الأزياء المترفة؛ علامة تجارية بارزة اثبتت وجودها وحققت نجاحاً باهراً في فترة قصيرة جداً. وتتنافس مع علامات تجارية رائدة مثل رالف لورين وأرماني. وأصبحت مايكل كورس اليوم إحدى الماركات الأكثر طلباً ومبيعاً في الإمارات والشرق الأوسط، بل وفي العالم بأكمله.

مايكل كورس

مايكل كورس

ولكن ما هو سر شهرة مايكل كورس؟ بالطبع التصميمات الفريدة والجودة المتميزة في المواد المستخدمة في تصنيع منتجات الموضة والرفاهية الخاصة بالعلامة التجارية. ولكن النجاح الباهر يرجع أيضاً إلى الإستراتيجية التسويقية الذكية عبر شبكات التواصل الإجتماعي مثل فيسبوك وتويتر وإنستغرام. على سبيل المثال، في يوم الحب حققت شركة مايكل كورس نجاح كبير جداً عبر حملة “الوقوع في الحب” والتي جذبت إنتباه الآلاف من النساء حول العالم بطريقة بسيطة وأنيقة. من أسباب نجاح مايكل كورس أيضاً هو أن الشركة تبحث عن مريديها وتتواجد حيث هم يتواجدون. شبكة إنستغرام تشتهر أكثر بين السيدات خاصةً في مواضيع الأزياء والموضة؛ وانتهزت شركة مايكل كورس تلك الفرصة وطلبت من السيدات التقاط صور لساعة مايكل كورس المفضلة لديهن بطريقة مبتكرة. تلك أيضاً كانت حملة محققة لنجاح واسع جداً.

وحتى إذا ذهبنا بعيداً عن نجاح مايكل كورس كعلامة تجارية بارزة، فلا يمكننا إنكار أنه من الصعب الإمتناع عن الوقوع في حب منتجات مايكل كورس! العلامة التجارية الشهيرة تقدم مجموعة كبيرة من حقائب اليد التي تناسب الإستعمال اليومي أو حتى الإرتداء في المناسبات الخاصة. السيدات عاشقات لمجموعات حقائب مايكل كورس بسبب عمليتها وجودة المواد المصنعة منها. وتتواجد حقائب مايكل كورس في أشكال وألوان وتصميمات عديدة.

ويسرنا وبكل الفخر أن نقدم لكم هذا الشهر مايكل كورس كالعلامة المميزة التي اخترناها لكم على كتالوج لمودا.كوم. زوروا لمودا.كوم الأن وتسوقوا من بين مجموعة كبيرة لحقائب مايكل كورس. نعدكم بأن نقوم بتوصيل حقيبتكم الجديدة حتى باب منزلكم بكل رفق وعناية، وبكل الحب!

إذاً لم الإنتظار؟ زوروا لمودا.كوم الأن واغتنموا الفرصة الرائعة! :)

مايكل كورس

Michael Kors – Fashionably Successful, Luxuriously Adorable

Michael Kors – A solid name in the fashion realm.

Michael Kors is a name that is very familiar to every fashionable lady who appreciates the value of luxury fashion items. Michael Kors is a big name in the fashion industry, a name that made a huge success in a very short period of time. Beating out powerful brands such as Ralph Lauren & Armani, MK is now one of the most demanded luxury brands in the UAE, the Middle East & the entire world.

But what makes Michael Kors so popular? Aside from their exquisite handbag designs & premium quality materials used in manufacturing their luxury fashion products, their social marketing campaigns seem to hit the targets quite right. For instance, Michael Kors’ Valentine’s Day campaign “Falling in Love” which trended on the hashtag #FallingInLoveWith captured the essence of every woman’s love for handbags, fashion & the MK brand in a very sentimental & elegant manner. Another reason for why Michael Kors is successful is that the brand understands where it’s top followers are & it finds them there. Instagram is more popular among women, especially when it comes to Fashion, which is why MK challenged customers to take photos of their favorite Michael Kors watch & post it via Instagram. This is another campaign that proved to be a grand success.

Michael Kors

Michael Kors


But aside from their success in building a reputable brand name, Michael Kors definitely is the brand to love! Michael Kors offers a wide range of handbags that are suitable for day-to-day wear as well as occasion wear. Women love the Michael Kors range of handbags for both their practicality & premium quality materials. Totes, clutches, satchels & messenger bags – all available in exotic patterns & shades.

Last but not least, we are proud to announce that this month’s brand of the month feature on is definitely Michael Kors. Visit Lemuda now & start shopping from a wide range of Michael Kors handbag designs. Our promise is to deliver you your brand new Michael Kors handbag right to your doorstep, carefully packaged & handed with love!

So what are you waiting for? Visit now & start shopping for your brand new Michael Kors handbag today! :)


Add an interest to your outfit with our best watch brands

Add an elegant accessory to your outfit if you want to put interest in it. The best accessory would be a smart wrist watch from one of the top most watch brands. Both, men and women, equally love to wear a watch. They know it’s an accessory without which they cannot showcase their personality or style in a better way.

best watch brands

Next time when you are at an online luxury store, have a look at the best watch brands. I’m sure they are going to catch your attention and compel you to place an order for them. Several premier watch brands are there in the market today. And, a variety of watches are available too.

If you browse through the catalogue, you would find hundreds of models, ranging from designer, sophisticated, sports, casual and luxury watches. You can place orders for them depending upon your requirement. You can buy different watches from reputable watch brands for your use. You can have separate ones to wear on special occasions and for your daily wear.

Men and women have different choices when it comes to selecting watches from best watch brands. Let us see what are their selection criteria for choosing watches?

Criteria for choosing men watches

watch brands

As compared to women, men have fewer choices to flaunt their attire or personality. There is the end number of accessories for women but men have little to show. So, an elegant watch can be the best accessory for men to look classy, confident and smart.

A smart watch on the wrist can just spice up the entire look and feel. While shopping from best watch brands, men generally prefer to buy watches that will make them look a class part. If someone is sportive, a sports watch can cater to his needs perfectly. Men also like to wear classy watches to work places, parties and special occasions to look sophisticated and create a good impression in front of others.

Criteria for choosing women watches

best watch brands online

As earlier said, women have more choices in front of them when it comes to choosing accessories. They can spice up their attire by wearing a smart handbag, a good pair of boots, jewellery items and watches. They are really very concerned about their taste while shopping for all these accessories, but when it comes to watches, they always try to find out designs that reflect their mood, taste and style. They prefer to buy from top watch brands as they know they will get a chance to view a number of styles, designs, shapes and colors before placing the order. They like to wear watches that go well with their age, taste and requirement.

Whatever may be your taste, age or choice, you would find a watch for you. Visit an online luxury store that only deals in best watch brands. You will enjoy choosing from an array of watches in many designs, shapes, styles and color.

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Chocolate Dates

Recipe: Chocolate Dates, Ramadan’s Arabian Delicacies!

Chocolate Dates
This Ramadan we are bringing you a bunch of easy-to-prepare & delicious food recipes! Inspired by the beautiful region, Chocolate Dates are one of the most delicious treats that you can possibly have during Ramadan; enjoyed by both adults & children!
Below is a step-by-step approach on how to prepare Chocolate Dates using a very quick method with a preparation time that takes no longer than 20 minutes.
450g chopped chocolate
25-30 pitted dates
toasted almonds or walnuts
coconut flakes
a skewer
parchment paper
1. Line a large baking sheet with parchment paper
2. Stuff each date with the nut of your choice
3. Melt chocolate in a microwave safe bowl for 3 minutes; stirring halfway through cooking time
4. Using the skewer dip each date in chocolate allowing all excess chocolate to fall off by slowly rotating the skewer
5. Place dipped date on parchment paper & sprinkle with coconut flakes. Repeat with remaining dates
6. Allow the dates to set in the refrigerator for 30 minutes before serving
Enjoy your Chocolate Dates! :)


What are the top reasons for shopping online in UAE?

The buying mode has changed a lot in the past few years. There was a time during which buyers used to visit physical stores to buy everything that they needed. Shopping needed a lot of planning and one had to make many arrangements to spare time to visit a store for buying shopping sites in uaeOver that, even a buyer had to visit one store to another in order to make the right choice. But, with the introduction of online shopping in UAE and in other parts of the world, shopping methods have changed drastically.  You would find less number of people going to physical stores to purchase things that they need. Shopping is done just with the help of a few clicks.

Increasing trend of online shopping in UAE:

It has been observed that maximum buyers in UAE prefer shopping online. There are a number of good reasons for that. The Internet offers the ultimate if we talk in terms of variety and convenience. All the reasons are equally important. Let us discuss a few of them.Online shopping uaeWhen you shop online, there is no waiting line as in physical stores. In physical stores, you need to wait for your turn to get the billing done or talk to the sales person. But, online shopping offers you the ease to shop the way that you want. The online customer executives are always ready to help customers in the best way. While making payments too, you can enjoy hassle free payment making. Buyers who visit physical stores always complain of sore legs, aching feet and painful arms.

Shopping through Internet keeps you relaxed all the time. No carrying tons of bags while you are roaming from one store to another. You get an opportunity to compare items and prices before placing an order. The main attraction of online shopping in UAE is the freedom of choosing from wide range of products and services. There are numerous online shopping sites in UAE that offers the ease to choose from variety of options. You can walk virtually through them to buy things that you like.

What are sold by online shopping sites in UAE?

Plenty of items are sold by online shopping websites in UAE. These online stores deal with a variety of products and services. You can find every item that you need through these online stores. Although they sell a variety of items, but the most attractive and popular items they sell include fashionable clothes, best watch brands and accessories.Online shopping in uaeIndividuals, irrespective of age visit these stores to buy flattering items such as watches, bags, belts, valets and other accessories. The stores keep on adding hottest collections to give a better experience to the customers. You can buy anything that you need through these online stores just by visiting these websites.

You can now make out why online shopping sites in UAE are so popular and much in demand these days. Before you choose any one of them, you should ensure that it is a trusted one to offer you ease while you shop. Find out more about their reputation and trustworthiness before you start ordering from them. Read their terms and conditions, and other policies to know whether they are flexible or not. Once you do a good research, only then you should choose an online shopping store which best fits your shopping needs.