Add an interest to your outfit with our best watch brands

Add an elegant accessory to your outfit if you want to put interest in it. The best accessory would be a smart wrist watch from one of the top most watch brands. Both, men and women, equally love to wear a watch. They know it’s an accessory without which they cannot showcase their personality or style in a better way.

best watch brands

Next time when you are at an online luxury store, have a look at the best watch brands. I’m sure they are going to catch your attention and compel you to place an order for them. Several premier watch brands are there in the market today. And, a variety of watches are available too.

If you browse through the catalogue, you would find hundreds of models, ranging from designer, sophisticated, sports, casual and luxury watches. You can place orders for them depending upon your requirement. You can buy different watches from reputable watch brands for your use. You can have separate ones to wear on special occasions and for your daily wear.

Men and women have different choices when it comes to selecting watches from best watch brands. Let us see what are their selection criteria for choosing watches?

Criteria for choosing men watches

watch brands

As compared to women, men have fewer choices to flaunt their attire or personality. There is the end number of accessories for women but men have little to show. So, an elegant watch can be the best accessory for men to look classy, confident and smart.

A smart watch on the wrist can just spice up the entire look and feel. While shopping from best watch brands, men generally prefer to buy watches that will make them look a class part. If someone is sportive, a sports watch can cater to his needs perfectly. Men also like to wear classy watches to work places, parties and special occasions to look sophisticated and create a good impression in front of others.

Criteria for choosing women watches

best watch brands online

As earlier said, women have more choices in front of them when it comes to choosing accessories. They can spice up their attire by wearing a smart handbag, a good pair of boots, jewellery items and watches. They are really very concerned about their taste while shopping for all these accessories, but when it comes to watches, they always try to find out designs that reflect their mood, taste and style. They prefer to buy from top watch brands as they know they will get a chance to view a number of styles, designs, shapes and colors before placing the order. They like to wear watches that go well with their age, taste and requirement.

Whatever may be your taste, age or choice, you would find a watch for you. Visit an online luxury store that only deals in best watch brands. You will enjoy choosing from an array of watches in many designs, shapes, styles and color.

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Chocolate Dates

Recipe: Chocolate Dates, Ramadan’s Arabian Delicacies!

Chocolate Dates
This Ramadan we are bringing you a bunch of easy-to-prepare & delicious food recipes! Inspired by the beautiful region, Chocolate Dates are one of the most delicious treats that you can possibly have during Ramadan; enjoyed by both adults & children!
Below is a step-by-step approach on how to prepare Chocolate Dates using a very quick method with a preparation time that takes no longer than 20 minutes.
450g chopped chocolate
25-30 pitted dates
toasted almonds or walnuts
coconut flakes
a skewer
parchment paper
1. Line a large baking sheet with parchment paper
2. Stuff each date with the nut of your choice
3. Melt chocolate in a microwave safe bowl for 3 minutes; stirring halfway through cooking time
4. Using the skewer dip each date in chocolate allowing all excess chocolate to fall off by slowly rotating the skewer
5. Place dipped date on parchment paper & sprinkle with coconut flakes. Repeat with remaining dates
6. Allow the dates to set in the refrigerator for 30 minutes before serving
Enjoy your Chocolate Dates! :)


What are the top reasons for shopping online in UAE?

The buying mode has changed a lot in the past few years. There was a time during which buyers used to visit physical stores to buy everything that they needed. Shopping needed a lot of planning and one had to make many arrangements to spare time to visit a store for buying shopping sites in uaeOver that, even a buyer had to visit one store to another in order to make the right choice. But, with the introduction of online shopping in UAE and in other parts of the world, shopping methods have changed drastically.  You would find less number of people going to physical stores to purchase things that they need. Shopping is done just with the help of a few clicks.

Increasing trend of online shopping in UAE:

It has been observed that maximum buyers in UAE prefer shopping online. There are a number of good reasons for that. The Internet offers the ultimate if we talk in terms of variety and convenience. All the reasons are equally important. Let us discuss a few of them.Online shopping uaeWhen you shop online, there is no waiting line as in physical stores. In physical stores, you need to wait for your turn to get the billing done or talk to the sales person. But, online shopping offers you the ease to shop the way that you want. The online customer executives are always ready to help customers in the best way. While making payments too, you can enjoy hassle free payment making. Buyers who visit physical stores always complain of sore legs, aching feet and painful arms.

Shopping through Internet keeps you relaxed all the time. No carrying tons of bags while you are roaming from one store to another. You get an opportunity to compare items and prices before placing an order. The main attraction of online shopping in UAE is the freedom of choosing from wide range of products and services. There are numerous online shopping sites in UAE that offers the ease to choose from variety of options. You can walk virtually through them to buy things that you like.

What are sold by online shopping sites in UAE?

Plenty of items are sold by online shopping websites in UAE. These online stores deal with a variety of products and services. You can find every item that you need through these online stores. Although they sell a variety of items, but the most attractive and popular items they sell include fashionable clothes, best watch brands and accessories.Online shopping in uaeIndividuals, irrespective of age visit these stores to buy flattering items such as watches, bags, belts, valets and other accessories. The stores keep on adding hottest collections to give a better experience to the customers. You can buy anything that you need through these online stores just by visiting these websites.

You can now make out why online shopping sites in UAE are so popular and much in demand these days. Before you choose any one of them, you should ensure that it is a trusted one to offer you ease while you shop. Find out more about their reputation and trustworthiness before you start ordering from them. Read their terms and conditions, and other policies to know whether they are flexible or not. Once you do a good research, only then you should choose an online shopping store which best fits your shopping needs.

The role of lacoste accessories in enhancing personality and looks

Accessories are always worn to give a magnetic feel to a lady’s attire. It is said that accessories enhance the feel and look of a person to a great extent. Any dull clothing item can be made to look attractive if you club them with right fashionable accessories.

best watch brands
Good accessories are a must-have for your closet. You would look not only chic and elegant, but you would also have a wonderful feeling from within. Good attire always makes a person feel more confident. If you wear smart accessories, you would look classy and elegant. Not only wearing accessories is important, what matters the most is the type of accessories that you choose. You should always choose a top brand like Lacoste when you are shopping online. A top brand like Lacoste would offer you what is latest in fashion. Also, you can be assured about the quality.

Lacoste: A trusted brand for fashion accessories

Frankly speaking, young or old, everyone wants to shop for accessories from a trusted brand like Lacoste online. It gives them the power to choose what exactly they need.  From eye catching watches, designer handbags to vibrant sun glasses, they get an opportunity to choose many things.  Choosing accessories can become quite easy if you select a good brand like Lacoste while shopping online. You will have so many choices in front of you that you would simply get super excited. You would feel like ordering all of them at one go.

lacoste online sunglasses

Lacoste is a top brand that sells trendy and chic accessories. It is a trusted brand for people you love to wear elegant accessories to flaunt their look. Whatever is the occasion for which you are shopping for accessories, Lacoste offers you everything.

How to shop latest lacoste accessories?

What accessories should you choose and how to shop or them? Many fashion freaks ask this question to their fashion designer as they know that they are experts in this field and would always suggest them with better options. Fashion designers are always updated with the latest trend in the market. They are aware of all the top brands that are popular in the market for selling good quality accessories such as watches, handbags, footwear and jewellery items. So, if you take their advice, you too are going to benefit.

lacoste online

They would advise you to buy top brand accessories including Lacoste. If you have chosen to buy accessories of Lacoste online, you have definitely chosen a better way to shop. You no longer have to waste time visiting physical stores. You can enjoy shopping for your watches, perfumes and handbags right from the ease of your home. You can visit several online websites to view their online catalogue and choose accordingly. You also get an opportunity to save as you can compare the prices, and look for hot deals that are rolled out from time to time on these websites.

There are many trusted websites that offer buyers a good platform to shop for Lacoste online. They keep on loading latest products from Lacoste and other top brands to help buyers get access to accessories that are hot in the market. So, you can see that there is no need to go out to shop for accessories anymore. No more worry about the bad weather or the pain in your legs; you can shop for your trusted brands like Lacoste online at great ease just by sitting from the comfort of your home.

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Pierre Bonnet - Brand of the Month

Brand Of The Month – Pierre Bonnet

We are proud to introduce to you, the brand of the month!

The brand of the month is a new concept through which we will be selecting a different brand every month and we will be launching new offers for this particular brand. Every campaign will run for over one whole month.

For this month, we are featuring Pierre Bonnet as Lemuda’s brand of the month!

Pierre Bonnet is an Italian brand that is famous for manufacturing top-quality and luxurious timepieces. Pierre Bonnet’s watches are well known for their precision, details and premium-quality materials. Each and every single part of a Pierre Bonnet watch is a product of a lifetime of knowledge combines with modern technology and expert craftsmanship. As Pierre Bonnet is being featured as our brand of the month, we are delighted to bring you a wide range of Pierre Bonnet watches for both men and women. This product range combines both classic watches and contemporary designs.

Pierre Bonnet - Brand of the Month

Pierre Bonnet – Brand of the Month


Being our first brand feature, the entire range of Pierre Bonnet watches that are displayed on are on a sale that goes up to 55% off this month! All products displayed on are 100% original and authentic, and the Pierre Bonnet watches are sent to you in their original and authentic packaging including a certificate of warranty and a user’s manual. Visit now and start shopping for your new watch from Pierre Bonnet; we deliver right to your doorstep! So what are you waiting for? Click here to browse through the complete range & place your orders directly from the website.


الأناقة في فترة الحمل والرضاعة

كيفية التحلي بمظهر جميل أثناء فترة الحمل والرضاعة

من قال أن المرأة لا يمكنها أن تبدو جميلة أثناء فترة الحمل والرضاعة؟

تقومين بحمل جسد آخر بداخلك لمدة ٩ أشهر – انتي بالتأكيد تستحقين الكثير من التدليل والسعادة! وبما لا شك فيه، الظهور باطلالة أنيقة وجذابة يبعث السعادة عند كل النساء. إذاً لما لا؟

بدأت الكثير من خطوط الأزياء العالمية في تكثيف مجهوداتها تجاه إنشاء خطوط ملابس مصممة خصيصاً للسيدات أثناء فترة الحمل والرضاعة. إذا قمتي بالنظر في ألبومات صور والدتك وجدتك، تجدين أنهم كانوا يرتدون ملابس واسعة؛ عبايات وفساتين قادرة على إستيعاب أكثر من ٤ أشخاص في وقت واحد! ويرجع السبب في ذلك أن السيدات في العقود الماضية كان لديهم الإعتقاد أن الإهمال في المظهر الخارجي مرتبط بفترة الحمل والرضاعة، وأن هذا أمر طبيعي جداً؛ ولكن تلك الفكرة خاطئة بالطبع. المرأة لديها الحق أن تستمتع بجمالها وأنوثتها حتى أثناء الحمل والرضاعة. قد يكون السبب لترسخ تلك الفكرة السلبية عبر الأجيال عدم توفر ملابس ملائمة للسيدات الحوامل، ولكن اليوم إختلف الأمر، ولديكي خيارات عدة لملابس الحمل والرضاعة.

إذا اردتي تصفح مجموعة متميزة من ملابس الحمل والرضاعة، يمكنك زيارة موقعنا – موقع لمودا.كوم يقدم لكل السيدات ملابس ملائمة لفترة الحمل والرضاعة. الأجمل من ذلك أن التصاميم كلها على أحدث صيحات الموضة، ومصممة بشكل يساعد المرأة على أداء مهامها اليومية بسهولة ويسر في تلك الفترة. إحدى العلامات التجارية المتميزة على موقع لمودا.كوم هي فلاي فاشن – والمتخصصة في تصميمات ملابس فترة الحمل والرضاعة. وعلى موقع لمودا.كوم أيضاً، يمكنكم العثور على فساتين رائعة لفترة الحمل والرضاعة، مقدمة من بربلوس.

مشاهير ونجمات هوليوود يفخرون بجمالهم واناقتهم أثناء الحمل، وعليكي انت أيضاً فعل نفس الشيء. نصيحتنا هي أن تهتمي بجمالك ومظهرك طوال الوقت، حتى أثناء فترة الحمل والرضاعة. بل بالعكس، قد يكون حملك حافظ أكبر للإهتمام بجمالك ولأن تحرصي على أن تكوني دائماً صاحبة اطلالة مشرقة ومفعمة بالجمال والأناقة.

Victoria’s Secret : Tips for buying exotic perfumes

bombshellYou are browsing through one of the leading online stores, trying to decide upon which new perfume should you purchase. A lot of questions will start to hit your mind.

The most popular questions that will strike your mind:

  • What fragrance must I choose?
  • Which is the best brand?
  • Should I go for a brand that is more popular?
  • How should I store perfumes
  • Where to apply perfumes
  • How to make the fragrance last longer?
  • And more…

What fragrance must I choose?

Out of all important factors, the most important thing that you must consider when selecting a bottle of perfume is the brand. Always trust a brand that has a good reputation in the market. If you are buying a top brand such as Victoria’s Secret, you can be rest assured that the perfume will be of good quality, and would definitely help in lifting your mood.

Which is the best brand?

Victoria’s Secret is a famous brand that sells top quality perfumes. Prefer buying them from a supplier that sells vibrant range of Victoria’s Secret perfumes. It’s a brand that deals in fragrances for both men and women. When you spray one of their fragrances, you will have a sweet and soothing smell all around you. While manufacturing perfumes, the brand keeps a lot of things in mind. They ensure that their perfumes are in line with the latest ongoing trend in the market. They ensure that their perfumes are liked by all age groups, especially the youth.

victoria's secret onlineShould I go for a brand that is more popular?

When you are at an online store, do not just buy perfumes right away.  Invest time to find out more about the options available to you. Victoria’s Secret will offer you the freedom to choose from an array of enchanting and appealing fragrances.  Find out more about the ingredients and the concentration level before you make the purchase.

Where to apply perfumes

Another information that I would like to share with you here is to let you know where and how to apply perfumes. Always apply them to area where the blood flow is strongest and the skin is warmest. It has been found that scent clings best to moist skin. So, prefer applying them on skin areas that are moist and humid.

How to make the fragrance last longer?

If you are fond of subtle perfuming your clothing and hair, just spray the perfume in the air and walk through it.  This is one of the best methods of wearing perfume while you are attending a party or a get-together. It will give you a wonderful experience while you are present at a social event.  By doing so, you will pull a lot of attraction towards you.

How should I store perfumes ?

Here, I would also like to educate you on how you should store your Victoria’s Secret online perfumes. Perfumes too deteriorate. And, the time depends on the temperature, light and the length of storage time. Too much exposure to light and heat can break down the components of most of the fragrances. So, prefer keeping them away from the direct rays of sun and heat.


I hope that the above information is valuable for you when making a good decision while buying Victoria’s Secret perfumes. Also for more details, Visit

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Online Shopping with

Why Is Your #1 Online Shopping Website

The world of online shopping does not seem to be getting any smaller, on the contrary, new online shopping websites are coming out everyday and the decision of which website you should commit to is becoming even harder and harder.

The answer is simple: commit to the one website that you trust. 

Why shop with

Online shopping with has never been easier. We are always developing our website and doing innovative changes to present to you the easiest, fastest and most secure online shopping experience ever. We specialize in luxury fashion products and accessories that are sourced directly from the world’s leading fashion brands. Brands like Gucci, Burberry, Tuscany Leather, Lacoste and Miu Miu are all featured on our website.

Shopping with is 100% safe and secure, and you have a variety of payment options including PayPal, cashU, credit cards or the widely preferred method of cash on delivery. We offer free shipping to the entire GCC region and this includes the following countries; United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman and Bahrain.

The website is further facilitated to suit Arabic-speaking users in every way. To view the Arabic version of the website, click on ‘Arabic’ from the top-right corner of the homepage. Or simply visit

And aside from displaying a wide range of brands on our online catalogue, is always keen on promoting local designers from the Middle Eastern region. There is a huge number of rich Arabian talents and promoting such talents on Lemuda is something that we hold great pride in. Some of our local talents include the beautiful ballerina shoe designer Yasmina Naji and the very talented Abaya designer Fatina Jaber. Products by both Yasmina Naji and Fatina Jaber can be found on and purchased directly through the website.

What are’s best-sellers?

It would be hard to pick out just one, but we can say that the Tuscany Leather handbags and the Victoria’s Secret Gift Sets are our top-sellers.  The Tuscany Leather handbags are manufactured in the glorious town of Tuscany in Italy and are made out of the finest Italian leather. All bags are beautifully designed and suited for your everyday use. Gift Sets by Victoria’s Secret is also quite popular among our regular and new customers as we are continuously expanding our range of these. Most of the gift sets are usually accompanied by a complimentary gift clutch or makeup bag.

So the decision is yours now. Visit & start picking out your favorite luxury items today.

Happy shopping! :)

From Lemuda with love.. xx

أزياء المشاهير في حفل جائزة جولدن جلوب لعام ٢٠١٤

حفل جائزة جولدن جلوب الشهير بحفل الكرة الذهبية هو حفل يقام كل عام لتوزيع مجموعة جوائز أمريكية للأفلام السينمائية والتلفزيون. ويعتبر الحفل منافسة شديدة بين نجمات هوليوود لتتألق كل منهم في أروع طلة ممكنة وبأزياء مقدمة من أرقى بيوت الأزياء العالمية.

هذا العام، إحتفل الكثير من مشاهير هوليوود بالحفل ال-٧١ لجائزة جولدن جلوب. حاز الممثل ليوناردو دي كابريو على جائزه أفضل ممثل على ادائه في فيلم “ذئب وول ستريت” بينما فازت جينيفر لورنس بجائزة أفضل ممثلة مساعدة على دورها في فيلم “الكفاح الأمريكي”. أما جائزة أفضل ممثلة كانت من نصيب كيت بلانشيت عن دورها في فيلم “ياسمين أزرق”.

الجوائز كثيرة، ولكن ما يهمنا اليوم هو إصطحابكم في جولة إلى عالم الأناقة والموضة العالمية حيث نستعرض لكم أجمل الطلات في حفل جائزة جولدن جلوب لهذا العام.

تألقت صوفيا فيرجارا  بضحكة جميلة وفستان رائع من تصميم زاك بوسين. نعشق صوفيا فيرجارا بروحها الساحرة والمحبة للحياه!

صوفيا فيرجارا

               صوفيا فيرجارا 

ليوناردو دي كابريو الحائز على جائزة أفضل ممثل على دوره في فيلم “ذئب وول ستريت” ومارتن سكورسيزي مخرج الفيلم، على السجادة الحمراء قبل الإعلان عن الفائز.

ليوناردو دي كابريو ومارتن سكورسيزي

ليوناردو دي كابريو ومارتن سكورسيزي

ارتدت الممثلة ميلا كونيس فستان فضي براق مليء بالترتر، على السجادة الحمراء. الفستان من تصميم بيت الأزياء العالمي الشهير جوتشي.

ميلا كونيس

                  ميلا كونيس

أما المغنية تايلور سويفت فقد ظهرت على السجادة الحمراء في فستان أحمر وأسود هادئ من تصميم كارولينا هيريرا. تلك هي إحدى الطلات المفضلة إلينا في حفل جائزة جولدن جلوب لهذا العام!

تايلور سويفت

              تايلور سويفت

قد تتمتع النجمة كيت بلانشيت بالشهرة الأكبر بسبب دورها في فيلم “الملكة اليزابيث”، ولكنها تألقت هنا بطلة مستوحاه من فيلمها الجديد “ياسمين أزرق” – مظهر راقي وهادئ بفستان من تصميم أرماني بريفيه.

كيت بلانشيت

               كيت بلانشيت

لمعت الأم المستقبلية ونجمة هوليوود درو باريمور على السجادة الحمراء في حفل جائزة جولدن جلوب لهذا العام في فستان من تصميم مونيك لهويلييه مزين بورود وردية وحمراء.

درو باريمور

                  درو باريمور

النجم توم هانكس معروف بطرافته وخفة ظله حتى وراء الكاميرات. تألق ممثل هوليوود الشهير على السجادة الحمراء في حفل جائزة جولدن جلوب لهذا العام بحركات خفيفة الظل ومرحة، وبالطبع ظهر في قمة وسامته. نحن من كبار محبين توم هانكس.

توم هانكس

                  توم هانكس

ساندرا بولوك نجمة هوليوود الشهيرة ظهرت على السجادة الحمراء في فستان وردي وأزرق من تصميم برابال جورونغ. لم نعجب بطلتها كثيراً هذا العام، ولكنها ممثلة رائعة ونسعد دائماً برؤيتها على الشاشات.

ساندرا بولوك

                ساندرا بولوك

إحدى أشهر نجمات هوليوود الأن! تألقت جينيفر لورنس على السجادة الحمراء في فستان أبيض من تصميم ديور قبل إعلان فوزها بجائزة أفضل ممثلة مساعدة. جينيفر لورنس هي النجمة التي تشوق الجميع لرؤيتها في حفل جائزة جولدن جلوب.

جينيفر لورنس

                 جينيفر لورنس


انتهت جولتنا في حفل جائزة جولدن جلوب ولكن يمكنكم زيارة موقعنا لمودا.كوم لتصفح كل الجديد في عالم الأزياء والموضة والحصول على طلة النجوم لأنفسكم!

Gingerbread Man Recipe

Gingerbread Man Recipe by Lemuda

The Gingerbread Man is children’s (and adult’s!) all-time favorite Christmas food delights…

These little guys are easy to prepare and look absolutely cute on your Christmas table. Luckily enough,‘s editors do know how to cook as well ;) Today we bring you an easy-to-prepare Gingerbread Man recipe; all you have to do is to prepare the dough, bake the little gingerbread men and pack them or serve them right away. Your children are going to love it, we promise! :)

Gingerbread Man Dough

Gingerbread Man Dough


-125g butter
-1 egg (separated)
-375g plain flour
-1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
-1 tsp ground cinnamon
-2 tsp ground ginger
-100g brown sugar
-125g golden syrup
-150g sifted icing sugar
-9cm Gingerbread man cookie cutter
-Red & green food coloring


1. Preheat the oven to 180°C and brush 2 baking trays with butter to grease.

2. Combine the butter and sugar in a bowl and mix with an electric beater until creamy. Add the golden syrup and egg yolk and beat. Add the ginger, bicarbonate of soda and flour. Stir. Knead onto a floured surface until the dough is smooth and press it into a disc. Cover the dough with a plastic wrap and put it in the fridge for 30 minutes.

3. Using an electric beater, beat the egg white in a bowl until soft peaks are formed. Start adding the icing sugar and keep beating until stiff peaks are formed. Put the icing in 3 bowls. Cover 1 bowl and place it in the fridge. Add the red food coloring to 1 of the 2 bowls and stir until the color is combined. Add the green food coloring to the other bowl until the color is combined. Cover both bowls with a plastic wrap and place them in the fridge.

4. Put the dough between 2 baking sheets and roll it out to a 4mm thickness. Use the Gingerbread Man cookie cutter to cut out the Gingerbread Man shapes. Place each Gingerbread Man on the tray leaving about 3cm apart from each. Repeat the same with all the dough.

5. Bake the Gingerbread Man cookies in the oven for 10 minutes (or until their colors turns brownish). Remove from the oven and transfer the Gingerbread Man cookies to a cooling rack.

6. Fill plastic bags with the prepared icings and cut a small hole in the corner of each bag (or you can use a piping bag instead). Pipe the icing over the Gingerbread Man cookies to decorate. Add the Smarties to give the Gingerbread Man cookies their famous look.

7. ENJOY! :)

From Lemuda with love! xx